Thursday, February 25, 2010

Comment from Mubai...

Tonight I'll post the promised "researching your prospect and a dozen ways..."

I'm appreciative of our growing group of wealth management professionals following our blog. What I'd like to see is more two-way conversation, via the comments sections. We all have valuable insights to complement my thoughts. Please do comment, and do share the blog site with those whom you think could benefit.

I received this email today:

Hi Ron,

I have been a wealth manager for the last 8 yrs of my life. I happened to come across your blog by chance. I must say that the lucidity of your thoughts were absolutely fantastic and it made for a great reading.

Do keep the blog flowing.

Thanks and regards.
Arijit Mukherjee
VP - Anand Rathi PCG,


  1. Agree with the post from Mubai.

    I'd be interested in your view of emergent trends in wealth management, given the challenging economic environment . . .

  2. Driveby:
    Year before last and into early this past year, there was some movement in wealth management accounts, though not the great tidal wave that some predicted. I think that the investors were frozen from panic for so long, that just when they were feeling the need to talk with alternatives to their current advisor, things started to look up. In summary, their sunk costs were so high that they feared moving, then things got better.
    On another issue, I think you'll find more and more small advisories outsourcing virtually all of their business and focusing on asset aggregation and client service. I think that the TAMP (turnkey asset management provider) industry is maturing and provides a logical resource to enable advisors to focus on the more profitable, but often less fulfilling, areas of running their business.
    That's what I think right now. Thanks for asking.